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Today's vehicles have many complicated electrical systems that rely heavily on a properly operating charging system. Automotive batteries and Alternators should be tested and serviced regularly. A weak battery may overwork the alternator resulting in unplanned alternator repairs that could have been avoided if regularly inspected by a certified automotive technician. Also, a weak charging system could wear out your battery prematurely. In either case, we can usually catch charging system and battery problems at one of our oil services before something leaves you stranded.

There are many alternator choices out there to choose from but few are built to factory specifications. Not all alternators are created equal. As with most parts, there is always a market for the "value line" buyer. In most cases with online prices, your getting parts that didn't meet the OE specifications at the end of the assembly line at the factory. Rather that loose money, factories will sell the marginally performing parts to online suppliers and to auto parts stores. They will get branded as "value line" and they will offer a "lifetime warranty" to motivate the sale. Please don't fall for the "lifetime" thing. We all know that nothing lasts for life. It's just deceptive marketing. Those sellers know that you wont own the car for life or that you will loose the receipt. In case you do bring it back, they will be glad to give you another one of the same quality because they made their money on all of the other ones. Not to mention, they aren't the ones who have to repay for the labor again to install it each time. It's worth the few extra bucks to get a premium OE level alternator.

While on this subject, I'll explain the difference between a new alternator, rebuilt alternator, and a remanufactured alternator. New is obvious but even "new" doesn't always mean quality. Depends on the builder and the quality of components used. Rebuilt means the unit was disassembled, components tested, and worn items were replaced. These make up most of the "value line alternators". Remanufactured means the unit was disassembled, components tested, and all internal items not meeting new OE specifications are replace, and any updated improved components were used. These remanufactured alternators are usually the best ones.

Our 30+ years of experience will get you the best quality alternator at the best possible price and we will stand behind it with our 3 year 36000 mile nation wide warranty!

So if you hear a whining noise under the hood, the red battery waring light comes on, hear a belt squeal, or slow starter cranking don't hesitate or procrastinate. Made in Japan Made in America auto repair center in Sacramento can get you taken care of ASAP. 

We have literally replaced thousands of alternators and alternator belts. So you know you will get the job done right the first time!

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